Dear Friends,

I was born here, and got an incredible education as a student in Atlanta Public Schools. After college, I came home to help provide that same opportunity for all our kids.

As a teacher at Carver Early College, I saw firsthand what our students can achieve. I also saw where we are failing, but I know fixing it is possible.

In my conversations with so many of you over the last few months, we have discussed several critical next steps for our schools:

  • We must invest in recruiting, training, and retaining extraordinary educators so every child learns from the best teachers and principals
  • We must challenge and engage all students: high-performers, average learners and those who are behind
  • We must ensure every third grader reads on grade level, and every student graduates ready to compete and to succeed in college and the career of their choice
  • We must make early childhood education one of our top priorities in order to lay a solid foundation for our kids to learn
  • We must overcome the lack of trust and divisiveness of the last few years and become a school system that engages in more direct and frequent communication with the community and operates ethically and with transparency

I promise to be the most accessible and responsive board member— responding to every e-mail and phone call because engaging directly and frequently is critical to earning your trust.

To break the cycle of dysfunction and in-fighting, we need a fresh perspective on the board.

My time as a student on one side of our city and as a teacher on the other provides me with a unique perspective on the challenges we face and the opportunities we have. I spend my days with our students, share in the joys and frustrations of our teachers, and interact with parents from across our city each and every day. 

Students in Atlanta deserve someone fighting to make sure they get a great education. I'll go the extra mile for all our kids.

Thank you for your consideration and support on November 5—

404.408.0980 (cell)

Matt Westmoreland
District 3, Atlanta Board of Education
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